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Burbank Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Patient Success Stories

After I developed facial swelling due to a tumor, I was seen by an ENT who ordered a scan which was reviewed by a radiologist. Neither my ENT or radiologist were able to understand the cause of my swelling or find it on my scan. I felt helpless. I was referred to Dr. Armen who not only found the tumor, he spent the time showing it to me on the scan and explained everything very patiently. He put me to sleep in the office, removed the tumor, reconstructed the area and after the biopsy results it ended up being what Dr. Armen said it most likely was! The scar is pretty much invisible on my face and the swelling is completely gone. Absolutely amazing job by the doc and the office staff.

-Rocky V

LIFE SAVERS!! From the front desk to the operating chair, this place saved the day. I was in excruciating pain and needed an emergency tooth extraction. Patty at the front desk was able to fit me in last minute even though they are by-appointment only. Once I checked in, doctor Armen and Lexi had me in and out in no time. I even got to keep my tooth! Shot merci, Armen and his team!!

– Ken K

Would give 10 stars if I could Everything from the office staff to the nurses until u meet the man himself is stellar !! He was kind. Compassionate and knowledgeable felt so assured with him ,
Thank you guys

-Robert V

I just got my wisdom tooth removed this morning and I have not needed any medication since the extraction. I have a mild headache & hard time chewing but the extraction was so smooth & he walked me through every step of the surgery. I told him my concerns and he was understanding & accommodated my every request. My tooth was removed in one piece! I had a crown next to my bottom left wisdom tooth & he extracted my tooth in such a way where it did not disrupt my crown even a bit. Thank you so much Dr. Armen!

-Lily B

Dr. Armen did an excellent job helping me feel at ease during my appointment. He is knowledgeable and very efficient – as well as funny! My procedure (wisdom tooth extraction) was quick and painless to my pleasant surprise. I highly recommend Dr. Armen and I will definitely be returning if the need arises.

-Vivian S

Dr. Pezeshkian was the best provider I have ever come into contact with. I was referred by a colleague to him for wisdom teeth extractions which other dental offices said would be very complex. Dr. Pezeshkian had the most advanced imaging I’ve ever seen, he went over my procedure in perfect detail, and informed me of the entire process from start to finish. The best part is, the procedure itself was absolutely 100% painless. I’ve truly had teeth cleaning more painful than that, it’s almost like he knew exactly where my nerve was to numb it precisely. If me, or my family and friends ever need to consult an Oromaxillofacial Surgeon, Dr. Pezeshkian is who I’m going to. Office was also very clean and welcoming.

-Mike A

Thank you for helping me with my jaw. I felt like you went out of your way to help me with a painful situation even though you had a very busy schedule. You have a fantastic staff who made me feel special and cared for on every visit. Patty was especially caring and helpful. Thanks Again.

-C.W, May 2001

Having a bone graft, soft tissue grafts and implants took a long time and at times was painful. However the pain was short lived as Dr. Margossian said it would be.

Dr. Margossian is the most caring, gentle doctor I have ever had and of course he is the “best”.
Would I do it again? In a heartbeat. Thank you “Dr. M” and your great and caring staff.

Janice P, Lancaster CA, August 2002

I began seeing Dr. Margossian in 2005 for a condition known as a gummy smile. I didn’t know what to expect at first but was hopeful that the condition would be fixed. I first had to get some teeth pulled so my mouth would be symmetrical and then had to wear braces to prepare my teeth for surgery. The condition was finally fixed on May 1, 2007 when Dr. Margossian performed surgery to remove part of my upper jaw. Looking back over the last two years and all the procedures that were necessary to get my smile the way it is today, I am very grateful that Dr. Margossian and his staff were at my side. Dr. Margossian and his staff answered any questions that I had and helped drive out any fears that I had before surgery. I will always be grateful to Dr. Margossian and his staff for their kind, generous, and caring nature as well as my million dollar smile. If I had the chance to do it all over again, I would in a heartbeat and I would choose Dr. Margossian and his staff to do it.

Rebecca B, September 2007

I had an overbite that could not be corrected with braces and needed jaw surgery to advance my teeth a few millimeters so that my teeth will sit correctly. Fortunately, I met Doctor Margossian who, with his golden touch, not only corrected my overbite, but, gave me my confidence back.

Ani K

From day one Ive been more than satisfied with all the staff of the Dr. Everytime Ive been here.Unlike many other medical offices Ive been to through the years. Here is like a close family. Everbody is super nice ,from the Doctor to the staff.
Verry high marks in my book!!!!!

Jack B Jn, December 2010

The staff is very freindly and helpful. Dr Margossian is very knowledgable and has a smooth way with your mouth.

-Harout A, December 2010

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